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Jewelry Care + Materials

Care Guide

Before you put on your jewelry

A number of small adjustments to your daily routine ensure that you can enjoy our products for as long as possible.

Make sure you put on your jewelry last. The use of perfume, lotions and sprays will cause your jewelry to discolour and wear out quickly.
Have you just applied lotion, perfume or makeup? Then wait a moment and wash your hands before putting on the jewelry.
If you have accidentally applied some perfume to your jewelry, take a clean, dry cloth and gently wipe your jewelry clean.

When do you take off your jewelry?

We understand better than anyone that you prefer to wear your jewelry all the time. However, there are a number of times when it is better to take off your jewelry.

When you shower, do the dishes, exercise (including gardening), swim or go to the spa, it is better to take off your jewelry. Keeping your jewelry dry and clean will keep it beautiful for the longest time.
When cooking, crafting and in fact all activities that can cause scratches on your jewelry, it is better to take it off.
Your jewelry can be damaged while sleeping and if you sweat during the night, your jewelry will wear out faster. It is therefore wise to put away all your jewelry in the evening before going to sleep.
UV rays can also damage the material. Therefore, do not stay in the sun for too long with your jewelry on. Don't forget that sunscreen can damage your jewelry.

Pro Tip

Place a nice bowl near your sink. When you wash your hands, you can put your jewelry there for a moment.


When you are not wearing your jewelry, it is important to store it neatly.

Make sure your jewelry stays clean and dry. Even when you put them away, the jewelry should not be wet.
Clean your jewelry regularly. You can do this with a soft, 100% cotton cloth. Depending on the type of material, you can also thoroughly polish your jewelry. Further on this page we explain per material how best to do this.
Do not place the jewelry on or over each other. It is best to separate the jewelry by metal. Certain types of metal can damage other, softer types. In addition, we want to prevent the jewelry from getting tangled.
Store jewelry in a dark, dry and not humid place. It is also important that the temperature remains stable. Therefore, do not put the jewelry in the bathroom.


Stainless Steel (stainless steel)

Gold or Silver Plated


Freshwater pearls